They've got loud mouths

February 16, 2012|By Dana Moran | RedEye

Horrible tweets from Chris Brown aside, it's been a pretty memorable week in celebrity mouth-offs. Test your listening skills by matching the famous face to its witty quip. | @redeyedana

1 -- "Do you even have to wear underpants? I would think at this stage of your career, you have people who could just sit there and hug your groin for you."

2 -- "How comedic are squirrels?! ... The first time I saw a squirrel was at a meeting at Disney. I was like, `What the [bleep]?!'"

3 -- "With the exception that he's way better looking and way more talented than me, I'm the new [George] Clooney."

4 -- "If you have to make a song called `Stupid Hoe,' you must be a stupid hoe."

5 -- "I love little people. ... I want to tackle them. I see them and I want to hold myself down."

6 -- "He gave Tom Cruise a hug and said, `I love you, man. Now seriously, are you gay or not?'"


1 -- Jon Stewart, to David Letterman, on Letterman's level of fame

2 -- Liam Hemsworth, to Details magazine, adding that there are no squirrels in his native Australia

3 -- Jason Segel, to Vanity Fair, on his current fame

4 -- Lil Kim on "Watch What Happens," about Nicki Minaj

5 -- Chelsea Handler, to Rosie O'Donnell, on dwarfs

6 -- Cuba Gooding Jr., to Graham Norton, on how his dad reacted to meeting Tom Cruise

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