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Wingman Chicago: Goose Island 312 beer: Now in CANS!?!?!

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February 15, 2012|Ernest Wilkins

It's not an iPhone 4, but today we managed to get our hands on the Goose Island 312 can.

Because I love you people, I taste-tested this beer (don't check the timestamp on this post) and have a semi-professional review. (NOTE: I'm not a real professional, but I have had beer in at least six different states.)  

Here's the thing: It tastes...different. 

Not different like bad, mind you. I mean, it's the 312 flavor you've come to know. Here's the thing: I truly think some beers taste differently in a can vs. in a bottle or in a glass. 

It's refreshing, and I can see it being drank a ton at ballgames. The beer drops March 12 (get it?) so definitely switch it up and bring a 12-pack of these to the next house party you "forget" to invite me to, you jerks.


Goose Island 312 in cans gets my Wingman Chicago....


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