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Mini-review: Bonny's Bar

Get ready for good booze and better dance moves at this Logan Square bar

February 08, 2012|By Emily Van Zandt | RedEye

Bonny's Bar
2417 N. Milwaukee Ave. 773-486-8480
Rating: !!! (out of four)

The scene: Surprisingly crowded for a new spot in the middle of winter. Get there before midnight if you want to grab a seat at one of the tall tables near the packed dance floor.

The drinks: A solid of microbrews is scrawled on the chalkboard behind the bar. Ask for a recommendation and you might find a new favorite.

We couldn’t stop staring at… the facial hair (ironic and otherwise) on display.  Mustaches and beards and sideburns, oh my!

We’ll be thankful when… winter coats start disappearing. In such a small space, chunky layers get in the way of our sweet dance moves.

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