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Mini-review: Salatino's

We're digging the oldschool feel and flavor of this new Italian spot

February 08, 2012|By Lisa Balde | RedEye

626 S. Racine Ave. 312-226-9300
Rating: !!! (out of 4) Off to a good start

The scene: A laid-back twist on its more-upscale predecessor Aldino's, Salatino's friendly servers don T-shirts, the walls are lined with framed black-and-white photos of Italian weddings and kitchen scenes, and the heavenly scent of red sauce wafts through the air like Grandma's spaghetti-and-gravy sunday supper.

The food: Hearty pasta and Italian classics that really taste homemade. All the recipes came from Gennaro’s, a Little Italy 'hood favorite that closed last year, so these plates are time-tested and (somebody's) mother-approved. Stuff yourself silly with tender chicken parm, hefty ravioli and (put those New Year's resolutions away!) cream sauce-topped egg noodles. Affordable prices make it all the easier to stomach.

We couldn't stop eating … from the bread basket. We know, we know … we shouldn't fill up on bread before a big meal. But two kinds of fresh, warm bread plus melty butter were irresistible. Keep it around during dinner for sauce-dunking!

We'll be thankful when … Salatino's puts its daily specials in action. We hear there's gonna be a lasagna night!

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