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Chatting up Natalie Dormer about 'The Fades,' 'Game of Thrones,' Madonna


February 02, 2012|By Curt Wagner | RedEye

I studied Anne Boleyn myself for “The Tudors,” which I did myself under my own steam because I think it’s important as an actor to know what really did happen so that you can sort of be informed about the choices you make. Even if the text steers away from the reality because there will always be artistic interpretation, of course, you know what really did happen.

It’s always good to be informed. Although and you could argue similarly with “Game of Thrones,” it’s like to read the books and even though the scripts may diverge away from the books and as a series continues, how true is the series going to be to the books and everything. I think it’s always good for an actor to be as informed as they possibly can be about where their texts come from.

How was it working with Madonna?
Oh, man, she’s a workhorse. She is. That woman obviously doesn't need to sleep. She’s kind of inspiring in that way. She’s one of those people who doesn't believe in saying it’s not possible. She kind of reaffirms your kind of like possible mental attitude in life. It’s just like get it done, work hard.

And that was probably a good mindset to be in. I’m about to start a play. But I’m about to go into a grueling rehearsal period, every evening, doing a play. [Laughs.] The whole workhorse mentality is a good thing for me to be thinking at the moment. [Dormer is starring title role of the Young Vic Theatre's revival of Patrick Marber's "After Miss Julie."]

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