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'My Strange Addiction' Season 3 preview: Car love, cat food and triple-K breasts


January 26, 2012|By Curt Wagner | RedEye

A woman who eats cat food. Another woman who loves the smell of moth balls. And a woman addicted to her triple-K breasts.

Those are some huge addictions, and they'll be part of the upcoming third season of"My Strange Addiction," which launches at 9 p.m. Feb. 12 on TLC. The show explores the odd and often dangerous things people do to ease their anxieties.

Who knew car love was a thing? It has a name, mechaphilia, and the new season looks at Nathanial, a guy from Arkansas who is a mechaphiliac--a person sexually attracted to his car. Nathaniel has named his Chevy Monte Carlo "Chase."

"While most people just wax their prized vehicles," TLC says in its release, "Nathaniel takes his on dates and makes love to it." (see video preview below.)

Mary from Michigan, on the other hand, enjoys cat food as much as her kittens. TLC says she eats 900 cat treats a day. (Check her out in the preview video above.) She reportedly told producers that cat treats are crunchy and wet food tastes like chicken soup.

Oh, Mary. I've mistakenly tasted cat food, and that's just not right.

Other addictions that will be highlighted are: a woman who has been snorting baby powder for more than 10 years, a woman who eats tape and another woman who drinks five bottles of nail polish a day.

Each episode will explore how the people began their habit and why they feel compelled to endanger their lives. "My Strange Addiction" is produced by Chicago-based 20 West Productions.

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