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Bear essentials: Football gear that turns up the heat

January 11, 2012|By Mick Swasko | RedEye

1410 Museum Campus Dr, Chicago, IL 60605, USA

It's a safe bet that from here on out, the forecast won't be pretty for the remainder of the football season. Chill, we've got you covered with some must-haves for cold weather.

Gear: Under Armour Men's and Women's ColdGear UA Base 3.0 Longsleeve Crew and Leggings

Price: $70 each for tops and bottoms.

Get it:

Why you'll need it: Guys will appreciate the warmth – and convenience of a functional fly at the game – even if they are called leggings.

Gear: Sorel boots

Price: $110 to $200 for men, $55 to $475 for women, depending on style.

Get it:, or at Belmont Army, 855 W. Belmont Ave.

Why you'll need it: The only thing that separates bare feet and a few layers of socks from the frozen concrete is footwear. Sorel boots are touted as tough and relatively cheap for solid boots.

Gear: Vaseline

Price: $5.50

Why you'll need it: Vaseline rubbed on any exposed skin will help prevent chapping and wind burn.

Gear: Cabela's Battery Heated Boot Socks

Price: $22.99

Get it:

Why you'll need it: A D-cell battery pack (batteries not included) sits high above the boot line to keep feet warm.

Gear: "Uncle Eddie" hat

Price: $50

Get it:

Why you'll need it: The Bears' branded tundra hat gets it's nickname from "Christmas Vacation's" Uncle Eddie, who wore a strikingly similar hat in the Chicago-based film.

Gear: The Bench Warmer

Price: $69.95

Get it:

Why you'll need it: When you sit back down after a Devin Hester return without one of these re-chargeable, battery operated seat cushions, you'll wish you had sprung for one.

Gear: Bears hand-knit can cooler

Price: $6

Get it:

Why you'll need it: This knit blue, orange and white can cooler will keep your hand from freezing when reaching for a beverage.

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