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Four Score: Our Bears-Minnesota predictions

December 29, 2011

Each week before the Bears game, RedEye's sports crew gets to the point. Here's what they see happening at Minnesota.

 Brian Moore, @redeyesportsguy

Minnesota 17, Bears 14

The best thing about this game? It's the last one of the season.

Georgia Garvey, @gcgarvey

Minnesota 27, Bears 9

Both the Bears and the last remaining scraps of Brian Urlacher's will to live are destroyed.

Chris Sosa, @sayitissosa

Minnesota 23, Bears 6

Josh McCown slinks off into the Arizona sunset, like the rest of the Bears wish they could.

Whizzer, @redeyewhizzer

Minnesota 13, Bears 3

This is no way to start a new year. Hopefully you'll be too hung over to watch.

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