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Take five: Melissa McCarthy in her words

December 12, 2011|By Leonor Vivanco, RedEye

On winning the Emmy: "I'm from Plainfield, Ill. and I'm standing here and it's kind of amazing."

On finding a dress for the Emmy's: "Trying to find stuff that's still fashion-forward in my size is damn near impossible. It's either for like a 98-year-old woman or a 14-year-old hooker, and there is nothing in the middle."

On what she'd do if her daughters Vivian and Georgette tried to pull some stuff she did in high school: "I will embarrass my kids to their core. I will threaten to show up in hot pants and a tube top. "

On the role of Megan in "Bridesmaids": "Ben [Falcone, McCarthy's husband, who plays Air Marshal Jon] and I are obsessed with 'Diners, Drive-ins and Dives.' I wanted to wear a short white spiky wig, and they were like, 'You can't actually be Guy Fieri.' I kept wanting to wear crazy white Oakleys on the back of my head, like he does, but somehow they never got in."

On the show "Mike & Molly": "I wasn't interested in doing anything that's about weight – not because it hurt my feelings but because it was probably going to be pretty boring. Then I read the script. To me it's a romantic comedy."

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