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Four Score: Our Bears-Denver predictions

December 08, 2011

Each week before the Bears game, RedEye's sports crew gets to the point. Here's what they see happening at Denver.

Brian Moore, @redeyesportsguy

Denver 21, Bears 10

I'm not gonna make a Tim Tebow joke. I'm not gonna make a Tim Tebow joke. Phew, my prayers were answered.

Chris Sosa, @sayitissosa

Bears 18, Denver 17

Caleb, do just enough so Robbie Gould can kick six field goals, OK?

Ernest Wilkins, @remixchicago

Bears 12, Denver 10

I cannot bring myself to support anything Tim Tebow-related. PLEASE DON'T MAKE ME LOOK LIKE A DOUCHE, YOU GUYS. BEAR DOOOOOWN.

Bag Boy,

Denver 20, Bears 0

No one else can figure out this Tebow thing, I doubt we can.

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