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Four score: Our Bears-Chiefs picks

December 01, 2011|RedEye

Each week before the Bears game, RedEye's sports crew gets to the point. Here's what they see happening against Kansas City.

Brian Moore, @redeyesportsguy

Bears 21, Kansas City 13

Tyler Palko is the Chiefs' starting quarterback. You'd be forgiven if you mistook him for Tyler Colvin or Steven Tyler, even.

Phil Thompson, @illyphilly

Bears 27, Chiefs 17

Sorry K.C., but football players don't have names like "Tyler." Or "Kyle."

Chris Sosa, @sayitissosa

Bears 24, Kansas City 10

Halfway through the third quarter, Kyle Orton rips off his Chiefs jersey, revealing a Bears jersey underneath.

Bear Jordan

Bears 31, Kansas City 7

This one could get ugly. In garbage time, Rasual Butler might even get in the game. Uh, wait. Sorry, I'm really excited about the end of the lockout.

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