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Fun n' poses: Starting a Tebowing-like craze

Let's get a Tebowing-like craze for Chicago sports started, shall we?

December 01, 2011|RedEye

If planking didn't excite you. Or owling, or Batman-ing or Tebowing, along came Peebowing this week, thanks to San Diego kicker Nick Novak caught on camera urinating on the sidelines Sunday.

Well, it's high time we have a "----ing" craze based on a Chicago athlete. Why let Tim Tebow and Novak have all the fun.

Here are some Windy City sports figures that could inspire us to strike a pose.


THE POSE: Take a knee.

WHY: Because the Bears quarterback has proposed to Kristin Cavallari twice and often takes a knee during Bears games, either to kill the clock or recover from yet another hit.


THE POSE: Lay flat on top of another willing person.

WHY: Because Julius Peppers is often pancaking opposing quarterbacks to the ground during Bears games.


THE POSE: Look quizzically into the sky with your baseball glove outstretched and place a baseball on the ground between your legs.

WHY: An homage to Cubs left-fielder Alfonso Soriano's many fielding blunders.


THE POSE: Take your shirt off, put a big grin on your face and get a couple of lovely, er, mildy attractive women to sit next to you.

WHY: You haven't forgotten the famous limo excursion already, have you?


THE POSE: Take a defensive basketball stance and just stand there. You are not to move. Ever. Even if LeBron James drives the lane on you.

WHY: Don't ask.

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