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Should you expect a buyback after a few rounds? Vote!

November 30, 2011|RedEye Staff

What is a bar-gument, you say? For as long as there have been watering holes, there have been disagreements. Some people prefer martinis with gin, some with vodka. Bar-guments is here to settle some longstanding bar conflicts once and for all.

This week: Should you expect a buyback from a bartender after a few rounds?

Yes, but let me clarify what I mean by "expect." Anybody who goes into a bar and throws around cash with the expectation that the bartender has never seen paper money before and will therefore give said customer a free drink is a moron. But, you know, if you've been going to a place for a while and the bartender knows you and he wants to toss you a free PBR every once in a blue moon to show you he appreciates your business, why not? It's not different from a casino comping your drink. It's America. Bartenders are free to do what they want! --Jim Walsh


I'm about three drinks deep. The last thing I need from a bartender--who is presumedly male and hot, right?-- is extra attention and a free cocktail. I wouldn't blame him for throwing out a few freebies in hopes of scoring a larger tip at the end of the night or to get my group to come back, but it's best to go into a night of drinking with very few expectations--at all. A buyback is a nice surprise, but never a requirement. --Jessica Galliart

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Cool: 88%
Lame: 13%

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