Coach bags and QB hags

November 29, 2011|By Ernest Wilkins, RedEye

It's the holiday season once again, and what kind of self-centered goon would I be if I didn't get you fine folks the gift of a rapid-fire touch-em-all column? (Note, after this year we'll have to change that phrase.)

>> Firing time and the lying's sleazy: From UCLA coach Rick Neuheisel getting canned a full week before the first Pac-12 championship game (and still coaching it) to the complete farce of the Urban Meyer saga, it's that time of year where college football teams eliminate their coaches and bring in a set of fresh faces. The whole process is confusing, but don't lie, it can be ridiculously entertaining. I mean, Rich Rod has a job again for chrissakes.

>> The NFL QB landscape looks more like scorched Earth: Quick, name the starting quarterback for the Cardinals. OK, now who's under center in Jacksonville? There's a visible top of the heap in the NFL when it comes to signal-callers, but after them, it's like there was a Black Friday sale on crappy QBs and a bunch of GMs stocked up. Sidebar: Is there anything more disturbing than a large group of sports media professionals saying "Suck for Luck" 30 times a day? Do you think the Jets were saying "Blow for Joe" back in the day? Get outta here.

>> The ballad of St. Timmy: I'm going to shock some people here. Most of you would expect me to rail on Tebow and you'd usually be right--I once referred to him as the Patron Saint of d-bags. I regret nothing--but I do think that no matter how much we talk about intangibles, the only stat that matters is wins. The Broncos keep pulling out ridiculous ones, so maybe we should all pipe down until Tebow and the rest of them start losing. That's the nicest thing I'm going to say, so let's leave it at that, yeah? | @remixchicago

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