Four Score: Beat our Bears-Chargers picks

November 17, 2011|RedEye

Each week before the Bears game, RedEye's sports crew gets to the point. Here's what they see happening against Detroit.

Brian Moore, @redeyesportsguy

Bears 34, San Diego 19

The Chargers have done less with more talent more consistently than most thought possible.


Tracy Swartz, @tracyswartz

Bears 21, San Diego 14

Cry me a Rivers.

Ernest Wilkins, @remixchicago

Bears 27, San Diego 23

Bolts fizzle and Forte has a big day. Also, Earl Bennett rewards me for picking him up in fantasy.

Scott Bolohan, @scottbolohan

San Diego 31, Bears 17

Jay Cutler eats an whole wheel of cheese before the game. Throws four interceptions.

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