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Punk rock boy Patrick Stump still calls Chicago 'sweet home'

November 10, 2011|By Kyle Kramer | For RedEye

Not that I want to draw out all the Patrick Stump fans to stalk you, but where does Patrick Stump like to hang out in Chicago?
I always love Reckless Records. That was one of my favorite places when I was growing up and buying punk records. I still hit up Reckless Records once in a while. Chicago Music Exchange is awesome for instruments. I know it's for little kids but I love the Museum of Science and Industry.

What was your favorite exhibit?
When I was a little kid they did one about superheroes. They had Marvel Comics. You could control The Human Torch with your body heat. You could control The Hulk with your strength. It was awesome.

Since Patrick Stump's album is titled "Soul Punk," we asked the singer for his musical picks for fans of the opposite genre.

Punk picks for soul fans

  • "The Shape of Punk to Come" from Refused: "They deconstructed everything that hardcore was...They took the idea of screaming and deconstructed back to like, James Brown. They put everything in context and it's just the perfect punk record to me."
  • "Midwestern Songs of the Americas" from Dillinger Four: "One of the things that got me into punk, pop-punk."
  • "Early Buzzcocks" from The Buzzcocks: (No reason given; do you need one?)

R&B picks for punk fans:

  • "Ommas Keith" from Sa-Ra: "He's got some stuff that just kills me. He's all over a lot of records."
  • "What's Going On" from Marvin Gaye: "That's like the ‘Sgt. Peppers' of the Motown era."
  • "Donuts" from J Dilla: "You still hear his influence. He's still so relevant in hip-hop and R&B."


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