Red carpet report: 'The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn--Part 1'

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November 08, 2011|By Matt Pais | RedEye movie critic

Mega-squeal! Or shrug, depending on your devotion to Team Edward, Team Jacob, or Team WhoReallyCares.

On Tuesday night “The Twiilght Saga: Breaking Dawn—Part 1” stars Ashley Greene, Nikki Reed, Peter Facinelli, Jackson Rathbone and Charlie Bewley, plus soundtrack contributor Christina Perri walked a red carpet inside the House of Blues. Read below for my interviews with each of them, and check back next week for more with Reed, who I’m talking to at greater length tomorrow.

Nikki Reed, who plays Rosalie Hale, who supports Bella (Kristen Stewart) throughout her pregnancy
What type of gifts should people bring to a vampire wedding?

Oh, gosh! Um, I don’t know. Maybe like a pre-killed mountain lion for the table. [Laughs]

What advice would you give your new niece about her vampire parents?

Well, to be really nice, ‘cause they’re going to be around for a long time. [Laughs]

We’ll talk more tomorrow. For now, what’s the strangest question you’ve gotten on a red carpet?

Probably yours. People generally stick to “What was it like working with your cast?” and “How was the wig?” [So yours] was pretty good. That was pretty good!

Ashley Greene, who plays Alice Cullen
Alice is Bella’s maid of honor. What’s something people shouldn’t do in a maid of honor speech?

Oh, the maid of honor I think should never really poke fun at either the groom or the bride, without their consent. I’ve been to some weddings where they say some kind of inappropriate things and everyone’s just like, (groans).

What do they say?

Oh, I can’t share that.

One example?

[Laughs]  Just embarrassing stories about maybe the groom or the bride. And I think they should never drink before their speech. That’d be a good thing.

Soon you’ll be seen in “Butter,” in which people devote their lives to carving butter. Tell me about your own butter-carving skills, and a hidden talent of yours that might surprise people.

You know what, I didn’t actually get to carve butter—

How sad!

I know, I know, it’s so sad! It was an extra skill I could have picked up that would have helped me in my life. My character is a very rebellious teenager--kind of can’t stand her dad or her step mom, and that’s what they live for so she’s just not interested at all. As far as a hidden talent, I have no idea. I’m not that talented. [Laughs]

You’ve said vampires are seductive. What makes them seductive?

I think it’s one that they’re very mysterious. There’s a lot that we don’t know about them. And they’re kind of menacing creatures but there’s something very sensual about them and for some reason you’re kind of drawn to them. I think just the whole unknown about them is very seductive.

Moody and pale skin; what’s not to like, right?

I know, right?!

Peter Facinelli, who plays Dr. Carlisle Cullen, who counsels the pregnant Bella
How much have you learned about being a doctor by playing this character?

I can probably perform surgeries in at least three states: states of confusion, delusion and …

And Illinois?

Maybe Illinois. I did shadow a doctor to play the role, I also [was a doctor] on “Nurse Jackie.” So I do a lot of technical doctor work. I wouldn’t say I can do anything more than First Aid. But I know how to check some vitals.

What advice do you have for guys in the delivery room?

Buy some cigars and stay out [Laughs] of the delivery room. I don’t think guys belong there. It used to be where they just kinda waited outside. I’ve been in the delivery room, and it’s never easy. Vampire deliveries are even worse.

“Breaking Dawn” opens the same day as “Happy Feet Two.” What’s something vampires and dancing penguins have in common?

Well, you know, vampires like to dance and get down. They have happy feet too.

Naked in the North Pole?

[Laughs] They could. Cold doesn’t affect them, so they could get naked and go to the North Pole and dance around.

If there was a “Can’t Hardly Wait” reunion, what would you want to do there?

I think there should be a “Can’t Hardly Wait” reunion. “Can’t Hardly Wait For the Reunion,” how about that? I think Mike Dexter should be … where does he work, at a car shop or something at the end of the movie? Where does he work, at a car wash maybe? I think he should get the girl at the end of this one.

So he’s still working at the car wash 13 years later?

Yeah, he’s still working at the car wash, but I think he should walk away with Amanda. At the end of the reunion, he gets Amanda.

What happens to the hero, Preston (Ethan Embry)?

He dies. [Laughs] In a fatal crash. [Laughs] He drowns at the car wash.

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