Is sherry cool or a total grandma drink? Vote!

November 02, 2011|RedEye

What is a bar-gument, you say? For as long as there have been watering holes, there have been disagreements. Some people prefer martinis with gin, some with vodka. Bar-guments is here to settle some longstanding bar conflicts once and for all.

THIS WEEK: Is sherry cool to drink or something only Grandma orders?

I gotta stick up for my misunderstood pal, sherry. I, too, used to think it was some overly sweet stuff that old people ordered at stuffy restaurants. But then I learned how versatile this fortified wine made in the Jerez region of Spain really is. There are dry sherries, sweet sherries and plenty in between. Whether it's a super-dry fino for sipping with cheese and olives or a syrupy, rich Pedro Ximenez poured over vanilla ice cream, I will order it every chance that I get.--Lisa Arnett


When I think sherry, I think old people. Is this ageist? I'm sorry. My favorite drink is a bloody mary. It was also my grandpa's favorite drink. This is probably not a coincidence. But the point is this: I can afford to support only one old person drink at a time. I get enough crap from bartenders as it is whenever I order a bloody mary post-brunch. A girl can only take so much.Erin Vogel

Last round’s results:

Would you rather have a clean bar seat or a clean bathroom?

Seat: 30%

Bathroom: 70%

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