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Video/Q&A: 'Like Crazy' stars Anton Yelchin and Felicity Jones

November 01, 2011|By Matt Pais | RedEye movie critic

Felicity, what do you want to see out of the new “Star Trek”?
FJ: I want to see more of Chekhov. [Laughs.]
AY: (nudges her) Great.
FJ: Is that your character?
AY: Yeah, that’s his name.
FJ: [Laughs.] I think it should all be about Chekhov.
AY: He should be improvising.
FJ: I think Chekhov should be improvising a love story in “Star Trek.”

Yeah, why don’t they do more “Star Trek” spinoff movies?
AY: I don’t know.
FJ: There should be more improvised “Star Trek.”
AY: Yeah, more improvised “Star Trek.” We have a lot more money on “Star Trek,” so we have a lot more time and freedom to improvise everything.
FJ: And you can improvise for hours!

So what can we expect?
AY: I have no idea. They don’t tell me that until I get to actually work. So I have no idea.

Do you know when it starts?
AY: Some point next year. It’s pretty gray, my understanding of it.

Felicity, Drake says you were the only person who auditioned by sending in a tape of the last scene of Anna, in the shower. Tell me why you did that, and Anton, what went through your head when you heard about it?
FJ: [Laughs.] Just by getting naked.
AY: I was like, “Well, obviously.”
FJ: “She just filmed the scene in her shower.” … I don’t know, it’s extremely flattering. The whole thing has felt so instinctive all the way, and I’m just lucky to have found Anton and Drake.
AY: I feel the same way. Drake sent me a tape after Felicity auditioned. I just thought it was great when we got together; it just felt lucky to be on this team together. On this team! Goin’ for the gold!
FJ: [Laughs.] Team! Team!

Plus: Director/co-writer Drake Doremus, 28, on…
Treating every scene like a sex scene: “I think whether it is a sex scene or whether it is just two people having an intimate conversation on the floor in front of a bed, every scene is treated as if they’re nude. Because they’re so emotionally nude that I don’t want a bunch of grips and a bunch of people standing around watching. I want it to feel as intimate as possible so they don’t feel like they’re in a movie. That they’re just actually in a real moment and the camera just happens to be off to the side. We had a 15-person crew but really at the end of the day there was nobody on set. The crew was outside in the Winnebago. We’d set up the scene and then everyone would leave. And we’d just stay in there until we got it.”
How people will feel about love after seeing “Like Crazy”: “Hopefully people are excited about love and hopefully people feel romantic when they watch the movie. I feel like it’s a very hopeful look at love in a way. What’s exciting about it is you can’t help who you love and in a way it’s scary but in a way it’s exciting.”
On what onscreen love stories get wrong: “I think sometimes onscreen love stories can be real plotty. You feel things coming or you feel it forcing a relationship to go in a certain direction. And I think hopefully what we tried to do with this film was to just get the little moments and the real moments and the moments that actually add up to a full relationship. Not just the ones that feel very story driven but the ones that feel like you’re entrenched inside of a relationship.”
What he wants to do in Chicago: “I want to go to a Blackhawks game, but they’re not here. I’m a big hockey fan. [I root for the] Ducks. I’m from Orange County.” (What Yelchin wants to do: “Go to Chess Records.” And Jones? “Go swimming on one of those rooftops.”)

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