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Evanston native Anders Holm teases Season 2 of 'Workaholics'


September 20, 2011|By Curt Wagner | RedEye

“Workaholics” star Anders Holm got married to his high school sweetheart, Emma Nesper, earlier this month, not long after he turned 30.

“I’m wrapping it all up, grown-man status,” the Evanston native said during a phone interview a few weeks before the wedding. But fans should not expect Ders, the character Holm plays in the raunchy Comedy Central series, to grow up when the second season begins at 9:30 p.m. Tuesday.

In "Heist School," Ders, Adam (Adam Devine) and Blake (Blake Anderson) go back to high school after something is stolen from their lawn. "We ... kind of sleuth our way into a high school and find out who took this specific cold-blooded object off of our lawn and get it back, or crack some skulls in the process."

Nope, it doesn't sound like the slacker stoners who live, play and avoid work together are growing up at all.

“If it was up to my fiancée, I’m sure he’d grow up a little bit, but then the checks would stop,” Holm said. “So I’ve got to remain a buffoon or else I don’t think the show will go much longer.”

You can call his character a buffoon, but don’t call the show a “gross-out comedy.” Created by Holm, Devine, Anderson and Kyle Newacheck, the fourth member of their troupe Mail Order Comedy, as a web series. “Workaholics” caught the attention of Comedy Central, who brought it to TV in April for a successful first season.

Holm prefers to call the series “game-changing,” and gave me a deadpan ribbing for my using the term “gross-out.”

Now that you guys are famous and you get this hit show and a second season, have you become high maintenance?
I’ve always been a little high maintenance. I’m like upper middle class maintenance. I don’t know if I were to be too high maintenance, but let’s just say I appreciate a coconut water a little bit more these days.

Season 1 you filmed in the house where you all lived. Same thing for Season 2?
I never actually lived at that house because it was gross and had rats. And I was in a relationship with a lady, or I still am. Those guys have since moved out as well. Kyle has moved a little closer to the beach so he can surf nonstop. And Adam and Blake are renting a house together in the Hills, just a total coke mansion. ... I’m not talking about the people who inhabit it, but it’s just a total like ’70s coke lair.

That’s funny.
There’s definitely been like outdoor sex has at this house.

But not those guys having it?
I wouldn’t know.

Because you don’t live there, right?
I don’t live there. What can I say?

Have any of you guys become prima donnas after the success?
Not really. We all got new cars like the same weekend, which was pretty funny. But that’s about it.

What did you get?
I got the new Volvo S60.

You stuck with the Volvo?
Yeah. I got a Volvo on the show. I had one in real life. I just got the newer version because I’m keeping it real Swedish.

What can we expect in Season 2?
Season 2 you can expect more full-frontal; just a lot more homo eroticism. What else? Oh, there’s kind of like a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles thing that’s gonna go down. … Oh, Karl has a wedding, so that’s going to be the finale of the season. …

We give up drinking for a week and all hell breaks loose, and we’re like at each other’s throats, and like get into some physical altercations. And then we have to meet with the HR guy and go through a pretty rigorous alcoholics substance abuse program type thing. The guy who plays our HR rep is Mitch Hurwitz of “Arrested Development” fame, the creator of “Arrested Development.” He says he’s at the end of the show and we were looking for somebody to play this part and he reached out to us, and we were like. “Uh yeah, we’d love to have you.”

He’s like perhaps the funniest dude on Planet Earth. Just like nonstop smarter-than-you jokes. You’re just like, “OK, wow, so you’re playing at that level and I’m down here. It’s nice down here but God, how is it up there? It must be nice.”

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